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Yamaha dsp a1 service manual

yamaha dsp a1 service manual

Overall, I prefer a Yamaha T-2 (with all polar and electrolytic coupling caps replaced and aligned perfectly) for sound quality (although not in the bass or a Yamaha T-85 for DXing if one is predisposed to Yamaha tuners.
The TX-1000 also has a different IF, with only two bandwidth choices.
I found no overall problems that are likely to make the CT-7000 unreliable over time, but it is a pain to replace all of the electrolytics and realign it for best performance (if you own or buy one make sure that whoever aligns it will.
A rare titanium-faced TX-930 went for just 75 in 8/10.Yamaha T-7 (1980, 410, photo, closeup, schematic, IC data, owner's manual ) search eBay Don't confuse this tuner with the T-07, a cheap digital model listed above.WOW is all I can say for the sound.I removed the tuner PCB and looked at the traces underneath.Both tuners should be easily found for 50 or less on eBay.The circuit has two RF amps 3sk45 - a good dual gate mosfet with a respectable noise figure (there are better).
Both are infrared remote control-capable, and we believe that the remote came standard with both tuners.
It seems to have difficulty locking on a station, almost like you tune it to the top of a peak and then it automatically falls cleanup winsxs windows 7 x64 off the peak into the trough on either side.
It must be stressed that the CT-7000 was an all-out assault by Yamaha back in the '70s to make the best FM sound reproduction possible, and what they came up with was state of the art and hard to beat unless you design something even.
I could force wide, but this was inconvenient, and in a couple of cases the tuner switched to mono, from which there was no escape.
It does work, gets to the right place every time.I have seen this effect in other tuners.If the signal is not strong enough, the tuner stays in 'DX' mode, with 4 filters.The better the reception, the better the performance, but quieting comes on very fast and it is fairly sensitive on a clear signal without multipath issues, showing much better performance in this regard than my modified Sansui TU-317.On my favorite presets, I defeat the auto-bandwidth." Our contributor Eli says, "Although it has a reputation as a great DX tuner, there are quite a few tuners with greater selectivity than the T-85 in stock form.The preset buttons have no indicators to tell you which one is engaged; you have to check the monolithic display, which I don't find convenient.Recap everything for the ultimate fun.The overall result is a remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio across the entire.5 to 108.0 MHz band (98 dB mono, 90 dB stereo with unprecedented linearity throughout the same range.The CT-410II usually sells for 10-40 on eBay.