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Visual studio vs netbeans 2012

visual studio vs netbeans 2012

A good programmer should be able to get up to speed quickly enough with either IDE, and eventually become comfortable.
I can't say enough good things about NetBeans.
Travis Walters, excerpt from blog entry: The second coming of godfather game highly compressed NetBeans.Eclipse, however, has a very nice organization feature called perspectives, which is a collection of windows and layout settings.Conclusion, eclipse seems to work a little better with the different make tools, although Visual Studio is perfectly willing to call an external make tool and report the results in a code window.Given the size and complexity of the platforms, Im only looking at certain features on which to judge these productsfeatures I picked based on my own experience as a programmer.Eclipse makes it very easy to write your own plugins.In light of that, argument about either one being overwhelming is simply unrealistic.Microsofts minimum system requirements for Visual Studio say you need at least 1 GB of RAM.My main requirements were great handling of PHP code, and great Javascript - jQuery in particular.Some people are surprised to learn that you can also extend Visual Studio with new windows such as those I just described.
If theres a feature in Visual Studio or Eclipse that I need, but rarely use, it may require a little hunting to actually findbut for most of the time, people tend to stick to the same collection of tools.
I quickly found references to the Visual Editor plugin, and I found a lot of information about it, but I couldnt get it working with my installation of Eclipse.
Dhtml animations and offered, wysiwyg perfection for creating web interactive pages.
There I was introduced to phpstorm.
Until VS 2010, there was a complete Macro IDE where you could easily automate Visual Studio with macros.(The book is now severely outdated.) There are thousands of community add-ins available via Visual Studios built-in package manager, as well as through an enhanced manager called NuGet.For example, theres one specifically for Java EE development, one for C/C development, and one specifically for UML modeling.Then NetBeans released.5 with PHP support.David Heffelfinger Excerpt from blog entry: Eclipse Veteran Switches To NetBeans.I had briefly tried NetBeans before, however I always went back to Eclipse because it offered a much better Java editor, I think this has changed in version 6 of NetBeans.