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Ubuntu netbook remix 10

ubuntu netbook remix 10

Compaq Mini 700EF Works extremely well, almost everything works out of the box and as intended even special keys (incl.
AC adapter detection works.
Internal microphone works, but level is low and quality is poor.
You can download the firmware and extract it using tab bar controller tutorial ios 7 wine from.Kohjinsha SH6 Basically works using Jaunty UNR both as a live session and installed.An alternative is to install b43-fwcutter instead of bcmwl-kernel-source.A mounted SD Card in the Storage Expansion won't survive a suspend though.Hotkey for wireless does not work, so you have to switch it on/off in Windows and are stuck with its state in Ubuntu thereafter.At least one user has reported that the microphone does not work in UNR.10 (tested with Sound Recorder).Wireless will be functional.
The remaining issues to do with the Fn keys for backlight control and enabling/disabling wireless, bluetooth, etc.
My only current pet peeve is that the touchpad is recognized only as a "generic mouse and thus I can't disable the touchpad while typing or change other touchpad-specific settings (which all require the Synaptics touchpad driver).
Working Wireless - working (see fixes) Wired network card - working otb Webcam - working otb Touchpad - working otb Hotkeys - working (see fixes) Graphics card driver (1024x600) - working with nouveau and/or nvidia binary driver for the GT218 chip or with intel i915.
Brightness keys do not work, even when appending "acpi_osiLinux acpi_backlightvendor" to the grub command.
Known issues: Volume hotkeys take a long time to react with Rhythmbox Jaunty Microphone doesn't work at all on Eee Slow performance and tiling issues on i915 - look here for kernel hotfix Asus Eee 1101HA Most things work well, except for the video card.Edit: The Realtek wireless driver requires you compile and install to your Kernel version, this means any Kernel updates will require you to recompile (sudo make, sudo make install).Ubuntu.4 Lucid Netbook Edition Note: Wireless worked fine out of the box.HP Mini 1010nr Everything except wifi works "out of the box webcam, hotkeys, 3D Graphics, sound, USB, touchpad, mic, etc.The key reasons for differentiating the models is that on the 250 wired networking can be an issue, and the card reader is hotpluggable.