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Solar energy key terms

solar energy key terms

Charge rate The current applied to a cell or a bettery to restore its available capacity.
Transformer An electromagnetic device used to convert AC electricity, either to increase or decrease the voltage.Pulse-width-modulated wave inverter (PWM) PV Abbreviation for photovoltaic.It can indicate your most intensive energy consuming appliances and even identify heating and cooling leaks that will help you find ways to use less energy.An n-dopant introduces more electrons.N O, hitman absolution patch pc p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Y Z Letter A Absorbed glass mat (AGM) A fibrous silica glass mat used to suspend the electrolyte in batteries.Series connection A way of joining electrical equipment by connecting positive leads to negative leads and negative leads to positive leads.Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California and replace it with 100 percent clean energy (nrdc is a signatory PG E explains: Californias electric grid is in the midst of a significant shift that creates challenges for the facility in the coming decades.
If you want to learn more about solar and renewable and non-renewable technologies, you can check out the Glossary below.
Recent experiments have reported intriguing advances in the use of nanocrystals made from the elements lead and selenium.
Fuel cells have other advantages.
Typically measured at 1000 watts per square meter of solar insolation at a specific cell temperature.
Photovoltaic cell The smallest semiconductor element within a PV module to perform the immediate conversion of light into electrical energy (DC voltage and current).
Electric current A flow of electrons, electricity.This 6 page guide informs potential solar customers about the financing options available, contracting terms to be aware of, and other useful tips.Complaint Resolution Process for the, sEIA Solar Business Code, which is designed to resolve complaints regarding violations of the seia Solar Business Code.Amorphous silicon A non-crystalline semiconductor material that has no long range order, very often used inside thin film photovoltaic modules.Coal is available in abundance, but its use exacerbates air and water pollution problems, and coal contributes even more substantially than the other fossil fuels to the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.The structural (load carrying) member of a module can either be the top layer (superstrate) or the back layer (substrate).Fossil fuels Fuels formed int he ground from the remains of dead plants and animals.