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Pro desktop 8 tutorials

pro desktop 8 tutorials

The next few pages will expand on this basic list with more details.
You can still look around it by using the arrow keys (on the keyboard) or pressing the spacebar to swivel the model with the mouse.
I-Towers of Hanoi Tutorial.1 (pdf,.1 MB earring Design and Assembly (pdf,.1 MB bubble Maker (pdf,.1 MB).
Lesson 4: Pro/desktop 8 Sweeps 1 (pdf, 393 KB r/C Model Plane Engine Tutorial (pdf,.2 MB simple Extrude Tutorial - Cube (pdf, 391 KB).Beginner, lesson 1: Pro/desktop 8 Extrusion (pdf, 1 MB lesson 2: Pro/desktop 8 Revolve (pdf, 547 KB lesson 3: Pro/desktop 8 Lofts (pdf,.4 MB).2.) Once you have made your box you can then render it, download tutorial 2 to do this.1.) Download the PDF Pro-Desktop box tutorial file and follow the instructions.The basic procedure, assuming you have a model is as follows on this list new album new image choose ProD model to render select materials browser add material to whole model test render (F5) choose materials for individual model faces re render when the image.Pro/desktop Training Materials and Classroom Projects.If you don't already have it you can get it here.You will need to pick the square or rectangular tutorial depending on your box type.Shaker Step Stool (pdf, 364 KB cover Plate - Engineering Design Tutorial (pdf, 987 KB create a Sectional Drawing (pdf,.2 MB).Dovetail Grinder (pdf,.6 MB keyless Entry FOB (pdf, 2 MB robot Wheel Mount (pdf,.1 MB).
Pro/desktop V8 Step-by-Step Training Material (pdf, 35 MB) (written by Steve Oddy - Boxford, Ltd.).
Within this tutorial you will learn resume maker deluxe 9.0 the basics of Pro-Desktop by producing a 3D model of a box.
Please note this tutorial may take two lessons.
Then go to File New album (or Ctrl N).
This tutorial is aimed prison break episode 11 at beginners who wish registry easy 5.6 key.rar to get a photo-real render from Pro Desktop to print.
From the image menu, click new image.
OK that's the easy bit over the next bit is the fun part.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access most of these files.To start, make sure you have a good model, saved but still open in ProD.Welcome to the Pro-Desktop box tutorial.So now is a good time to choose a suitable viewpoint (though this can easily be changed later (as you will see).You will now need to follow the steps below.Patterning Tutorial (pdf,.5 MB advanced, pocket Hole Jig Tutorial (pdf, 1 MB) Toy Truck (pdf, 1 MB) Paper Cup Dispenser (pdf, 3 MB) Design Output Tutorial (pdf,.1 MB) Mousetrap Tutorial (pdf,.2 MB) Child's Toy (pdf,.5 MB) Swivel Lamp Tutorial (pdf,.3.Step-by-Step Van Assembly Classroom Tutorial (pdf, 587 KB) (written by Bob Claymier, Delaware, OH).Simple Extrude Tutorial - Cylinder (pdf, 643 KB intermediate, compass Tutorial (pdf,.6 MB hinge Tutorial (pdf, 1 MB).On pressing OK, then you will see a screen render of the camera that looks just like it would in the design window.This new dialog box appears which requests which view you would like to pick, but if you have a file already open, then the list is only.Tutorial 3: Revolve Profile - (6 Tutorials).Version 8 has some important differences.