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Manual handling training dvd

manual handling training dvd

Manual handling assessment forms as a printable PDF.
Using manual handling aids, pushing techniques, dangers of pulling a load.
SafetyHub is specifically designed to readily integrate with any existing business HR presentation literature and occupational health and safety printed materials.
It deals with: fast-paced work and repetitive activity moving and carrying heavy loads to prevent strain and injury workstation height and layout excessive and continual twisting use of lifting aids to eliminate or improve manual handling how to ensure good grip when handling tools vibration.Prevention and control of MSDs, such as manual handling injuries, has been identified as a priority by the Health and Safety Commission.Each section highlights a problem and a potential solution.With a comprehensive range of OHS and HSE workplace health and safety themes, our safety training videos and dvds promote health and safety in your workplace.Manual Handling Safety and Training DVDs and videos.The DVD is designed to facilitate both tutor-led group training sessions and individualised self-paced learning; is easy to follow; and suitable for staff at all levels.Safetycare have instructional safety training dvds and videos that will highlite the workplace health and safety issues and help you put procedures and solutions in place that will prevent dangerous situations occurring in your workplace.Our safety training DVDs and videos are concise and engaging, voiced in regional accents and local languages that promote a solid health and safety message that is retained by your work force.So many tragic workplace incidents can be avoided by simply understanding how Fires start and spread and how electricity becomes dangerous.This DVD contains footage of manual handling taking place in one workplace which has an office, factory, keylogger full version filehippo warehouse and outdoors area.Safetycare have a whole series of fire safety training dvds and videos covering all aspects of Fire safety Training themes, such as preventing office fires, portable fire extinguishers and burns.
Safetycare Electrical safety training dvds will provide your staff with a comprehensive understanding of how to keep electricity safe while working.
OHS and HSE Safety dvds and videos contain comprehensive and topical safety training themes.
Making safety training sessions right there in the office or on the factory floor, a breeze.
This napo film shows how to avoid musculoskeletal problems in the workplace.
Health and safety training videos make workplace training a breeze including icebreakers to get the health and safety discussion going and a full suite of health and safety assessment and trainee management perfect for staff induction and workplace training.
OHS and HSE Safety Training videos Online - streamed to mobile devices.Sometimes it is enough to just discuss these issues with a HSE officer and to understand how they affect workers and production.The title covers: A clear look at the steps of a lift.Suitable for factory, office and retail settings.Hampton, Surrey, United Kingdom.