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Logic pro x 10.0.5 update

logic pro x 10.0.5 update

Logic Pro X no longer creates separate tracks for non-overlapping regions when unpacking folders in projects created by earlier versions of Logic.
Opening a setting or preference window no longer closes the Color Picker.
Routings of tracks inside Track Stacks are now properly maintained when the Track Stack is packed into a folder and the folder is then moved to a different position.
It's now possible to consistently add, remove, or edit plug-ins on tracks that were frozen in Source Only mode.Regions ray part 3 full game on audio tracks inside a folder now are reliably placed on their proper tracks when the folder is unpacked.It's now possible to adjust the Velocity setting in the midi Meanings settings window by scrubbing the value with the mouse.A track is now created as expected when using a control surface to set the automation mode of a channel strip not previously assigned to a track.Flex Transient Analysis can now be aborted by pressing Command-period.Playing a Drummer track while downloading and installing new content.There is now a dedicated Piano Roll section in the Key Commands window.
Fixes an issue that caused some audio regions to be immovable when duplicate regions are packed into a take folder.
Setting a quantization value for an audio region no longer disables the Match Groove Track button for all tracks.
Takes are now shortened as expected when the take folder containing them is shortened by an edit operation and No Overlap mode is enabled.With Beat Sync disabled, the Course Rate control in the Auto Filter plug-in again behaves as expected.EXS instruments created in EXS24 MK I no longer exhibit unexpected random velocities when played.Logic now supports up to 24 processing threads on computers with 12 cores.Using Option-Shift to edit the end points of multiple selected notes to the same position in the Piano Roll Editor now works as expected.When printing a score part with Advanced Tools disabled, Logic no longer prints the track name twice.When a Patch is defined as the default, the Smart Control mappings are now included as part of the default.When recording past the current end of a song marker, the LCD now continues to display the current playhead position.Changing Region inspector parameters for midi regions on the main track of a Track Stack now behaves as expected.Enhanced EQ, there have been some particularly exciting changes to the Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins in Logic.Deleting a connection in the Beat Mapping track now correctly also deletes its associated tempo event.It is again possible to insert a bar line at the end of a region in the Score.The Delete command now works as expected on selected regions that are inside a collapsed Group in the Project Audio window.