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Glee the music celebrating 100 episodes

glee the music celebrating 100 episodes

Following the mantra that no one should be alone on Christmas, Finn and real wifi hacker app the Glee Club, along with Sue Sylvester, help the newly divorced.
Schuester, telling him how the boys feel and that they would rather perform kiss.
( City of Angels ) Puck asks Will if he can have Finn's plaque once the week ends, Will says no and tells the club that the plaque will remain in the choir room, though he later hangs it, along with Lillian Adler 's,.
Finn spots Rachel after the show, realizing she's been crying - the type of tears she reserves for guy trouble.Artie comes to visit him and insists that Finn co-direct the musical with him.Pillsbury's office, she shows various college brochures to Finn.In You Get What You Give, Finn leads the song with the seniors and passes the glee club on to the underclassmen.He prays to the sandwich, saying that although Rachel's boobs aren't great, they're still girl boobs and he wants to touch them.With this, Finn begins to jump ship with the rest of the guys and dress like Justin Bieber, which Quinn notices.
She, Burt and Kurt then embrace.
Her plan failed however, when Puck felt bad about doing it because he had already ruined one of Finn's relationships.
Singles: " Whenever I Call You Friend " (Artie and Tina with New Directions " Brave " (Rachel and Santana " My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) " (Artie and Tina with New Directions and Will " Don't Rain on My Parade " (Santana ".
Intercut with scenes from the opening night performance of One Hand, One Heart, Finn and Rachel once again lie down by the fire for their first time together.
They assure each other that neither of them were cheating on each other.
Artie agrees, but tells Finn that he doesn't want to do the calendar.( The Purple Piano Project ) Finn, Puck, Kurt and Mercedes have to attend " Booty Camp " so that they can improve their dancing skills.Things between Glee and Football have been improving.As she cries on the train, everyone waves goodbye, and Finn runs after the train.He sent a message to the rest of New Directions, and hopes they show.Jesse says he heard Finn and Rachel are getting married.( Hell-O ) Finn is approached by Santana after Brittany suggests that Santana date Finn, and take his virginity.Finn, clearly upset by her appearance, recognizes that men are objectifying her and asks why it's okay for Rachel to feel safer if he's not on the football team, but not okay for him to feel safer when she is wearing her reindeer sweaters.Finn's fall from popularity is further compounded when Sam, who witnessed Coach Beiste kick Finn off the team, didn't show up for the Glee audition.Finn justifies it saying that Quinn almost died coming to their wedding and he wanted to do her a favor.When they later sing Hello, Goodbye.At the football game, Finn is overwhelmed, but they ultimately perform the dance after Finn's instruction, and go on to win.RĂ©current saisons 1.Finn and Rachel in Brittany/Britney Finn quickly puts Artie in his place when he makes a suggestive comment about Rachel's appearance.