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Fedora 19 minimal install iso

fedora 19 minimal install iso

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Installation Overview, the installation process takes the following steps: Obtain Fedora 23 installation DVD or net install.Select Installation Language and Keyboard Settings.Installation Summary, this screen indicates your current selections.Can anybody confirm this?As your computer reboots, you will need to press the appropriate key to access your system's bios settings.Support email address If you enter an e-mail address here, then users of the system will be able to click an "Ask Helpdesk" link in the system to display a web form which they will complete to request support from your institution's helpdesk.Once you are happy with your choices select "Begin Installation" to continue.On many systems this key will be "F8 "F11", "F12" or another key.
You can either download an iso image(s) of the full distribution for burning to DVD, or you can download a single net install for burning.
This document guides you through the process of setting up a new LON-capa server running Fedora 23 with a minimum of packages installed.
Ip address netmask hostname gateway domain name server(s installing Fedora is quite easy if you've installed any of the Red Hat products before.
If you still have errors, please contact the MSU LON-capa group.
LON-capa domain Each site or school which installs LON-capa needs its own domain.
You will need to specify CD/DVD as the first boot option (before your hard drive).
Be sure to include adequate swap space.Restriction: no spaces, underscores or special characters (besides - and.).Domain's Primary Library Server ID If you are setting up a domain with a single library server, then the domain's primary library server ID will be the LON-capa host id of that server (e.g., msul1).Finish installing your server, reboot it, and log in as root.If things aren't working right If you've followed the steps above and the server doesn't start or you think there's something wrong, please send a help request to the MSU LON-capa group.