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Dual boot windows server 2003 and xp

dual boot windows server 2003 and xp

I do have an extra copy of XP Pro floating around and want to install section 8 application newark de it on this machine, but don't want to have to format the drive/get rid of 2003 entirely.
Install XP first, then Server 2003.
Has anyone ever done this?I imagine I could always do a repair install of 2003 after I have reallocated the partition on the drive and thrown XP on there.I have XP Pro, Server day eval (sucks and Vista Beta 2 (will get RC1 soon) CDs lying around the desk.Or would 2003 whine because it can't create a dual-boot environment on a repair install?I corrected this by copying the appropriate dlls from the i386 and now am able to go into 2003 but cannot go into.
I take some instructions with a grain of salt as they are often written for your average Sunday-user, but is this warning for real?
But this is not working for Win.
After that follow screen instruction.
Select new oprating systems.
When you select the "Earlier."option, another screen'd appear asking you which one to boot, the XP or Server 2003.
I want to fix 2003, but I don't have the time to do so right now.
My question is: Is it ok to install XP Pro as a dual boot with 2003 even though I have been reading Mcsft docs that say not to install XP after Server 2003 because it can delete some important 2003 files?After this is done you will see a screen when you start your computer that will ask you to select the operating system you want to load xp or 2003.Hopefully it is a simple solution that I have just overlooked :rolleyes: Thanks in advance y'all.After compleet instalation.Then insert win 2003 disk when automatic boot with disk.Then install win xp first in C: drive.Thanks for any help, Ram.The best way is to use partition manager like Cute Partition Manager (which is a free program) to create 2 separate sections of hard cheat device gta vcs psp ita drive then install windows 2003 then reboot and install windows.I have both the OS'es on the same HDD but on different partitions.So I installed Win XP and it messed up the m and ntldr, as a result I was able to get into XP but not 2003.I have been using Server 2003 on my dual-core AMD machine for the past 6 months or so, and recently have been having some issues with.After this is done you will see a screen when you start your computer that will ask you to select the operating system you want to load xp or 2003 br / br / Answer: First you boot with win xp CD and create two.