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Disgaea 2 dark hero days cwcheat

disgaea 2 dark hero days cwcheat

Before I started writing for GR, I had bought and was working my way through the first incarnation of Disgaea for the by, kevin Schaller, september 29th, 2009, images.
Reach the stage again during the next playthrough, and pass his bill.
Gunner: Reach level 5 Gun Mastery with any character.Chaos Soldier: Successfully complete the game.Etna: Defeat Etna in Chapter.Defeat Marjoly, then pass her bill.Napoleon Dynamite reference In golf game for windows 8 Axel mode, Axel will learn a move called Love Dynamite, and the description reads "I voted for Pedro".Mass Produced Kurtis: Successfully complete Extra Stage.I have searched around on Google but found nothing so far.
Preire: Unlock Extra Stage 6 with 66 felonies and 100 mana.
Female Samurai: Have a saved game file from.
Female Ninja: Reach level 5 Fist and Staff Mastery with any character.
Land Of Carnage, collect all 16 Treasure Maps from the pirates in Item World to unlock Land Of Carnage, which is a world that features all normal levels with very strong enemies.
Sabre Kitties: Successfully complete Axel mode 1-2.
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Review 4, rating, what once was big is now small, and just as impact wrestling game 2011 big.Laharl: Unlock Flonne, then pass Flonne's bill as a senator, and successfully complete Extra Stage.Prism Red: Pass the five Prism Rangers bills when Adell is a Sentator, then pass his bill a second time.The Lord Of The Rings reference The Elven Bow's description states that it was used by an elf in a quest to destroy a ring.Mao: Unlock Mao's stage after unlocking Champloo, Raspberyl, and the Land Of Carnage.Gordon: Unlock Extra Stage 4, and pass Gordon's bill after completing.Also, in Disgaea 1, there is a code that unlocks all of the character classes, including the unique ones you cannot normally create.The elf mentioned was Legolas, and the ring mentioned was the One Ring.Alternate endings Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending sequence: Axel (Akutare Get defeated by Axel (Akutare).Celestial Host: Successfully complete Axel mode 3-3.Asagi (humanoid Raise Asagi's level to 2,000, and pass her bill as a senator.Is there a similar code for Disgaea 2, or a way to modify this code to unlock the extra classes as well?