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Animated optical illusions book

animated optical illusions book

First you count the number of frames in your animation.
In my movie, I wanted the position of the jumper to vary in height within each frame, but I wanted him to be centred in respect to the sides of the frame, so that the movie would come out mac blu ray player codec as if the camera was panning.
That meant my lines and clear stripes were located every seventh line spaces apart.
The space between hatched lines in the silhouette, and between clear lines in the mask, must then be: the number of frames, minus one, times the line width.These artists use light and shadow in a very unexpected way creating meaningful shadows from what appears.In 2006 a new version of the technique, in which the act of opening a book automatically draws the grid over the image was patented by Rufus Butler Seder, called.Arno Minkkinen, minkkinen is known for his black and white abstract pieces which juxtapose bodies and landscapes in surprising ways: he "directs scenes in which his body or.Thats the images from this video and you can print them out and manage it all by yourself.However, the thickness and spacing of the hatching is absolutely critical, and must match exactly the spacing and thickness of the transparent stripes in your mask. Make sure the acetate is one intended for the kind of printer you are using.If you try your hand at Brusspup's illusions, let us know how you get on in the comments box below.Mirror illusions and, Leandro Erlich, high Wheel by Maider Lopez, high Wheel by Maider Lopez from maider lopez on Vimeo.
Now you have to make your composite image, which you do by copying and pasting to combine your separate frames into one frame.
Here we have selected.
Next you reduce each dark silhouette to a hatched figure, as shown above, one figure back.
During the video we see rotating cogs, a running leopard and even a pacman munching on bullets.Alphabet Topography, caspar Lam and YuJune Park of Synoptic Office p 'magnetic void'.Magnetic Void from James Miller on Vimeo.There are links below. Heres how you calculate it all.So, start with the first frame. In my animation there were seven frames, so the gap between lines was six times the line width.